Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a "Smart Wake Up Alarm Clock"?
  • Can I set multiple alarms?
  • Whats is the “score”?
  • How is my sleep duration calculated?
  • The alarm did not ring, what are the possible causes?
  • What If I do not sleep alone?
  • Can I have multiple SleepPeanuts on the same account?
  • Can I use SleepPeanut with multiple devices?
  • Can I take SleepPeanut with me on travel?
  • Does SleepPeanut support timezone changes?
  • Can I export my sleep data?
  • Can I see the night chart during the night?
  • What if I switch my smartphone to "Airplane Mode" at night?
  • I do not understand the night chart
  • Where to place SleepPeanut in my bed for it to work best?
  • Can I customize my alarm ringtone?
  • What does the SleepPeanut button do?