Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Firmware update troubleshooting
  • I want to add a new SensePeanut, but the App does not seem to find it
  • How to delete a SensePeanut from my account?
  • How to manually restart my SensePeanut?
  • My SensePeanut's connection always appears as "Poor"
  • Why can I not change my settings when my smartphone is not connected to the Internet?
  • How many SensePeanuts can be connected to my device?
  • My SensePeanut does not seem to send data to my device anymore
  • How to know the battery level of my SensePeanut?
  • Why should I share my location with the SensePeanut App?
  • How to check if my SensePeanut is connected to my device?
  • How to share the data from my SensePeanuts with family and other people?