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Smart Wake Up Alarm Clock
Wake up at the right time refreshed & energized.
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Smart Wake Up Alarm Clock
The sensor that you slip in your bed to wake up at the right time feeling great.
In your bed, SleepPeanut seamlessly monitors your sleep quality and cycles. It adapts your wake up alarm time to your personal body clock, looking for a light sleep stage to make you jumpstart the day.
“50-70 million US adults have sleep or wakefulness disorder.”
How does it work?
    Place SleepPeanut under your bed sheets.
    Attach it to the top of the mattress and underneath the fitted sheet at shoulder level to start improving your sleep. SleepPeanut has been carefully designed to fit in your bed, as thin and flat as possible so that you completely forget it’s here.
    SleepPeanut works seamlessly.
    Simply go to bed and rest, SleepPeanut works seamlessly. During the night, based on your movements and body temperature, SleepPeanut monitors your sleep cycles. You have nothing to wear, nothing to do but sleep and rest.
    The right wake up alarm.
    SleepPeanut looks for the lightest and softest sleep cycle to wake you up — down to 30 minutes before your selected time. This is a proven solution to make you feel energetic for the rest of the day.
Wake Up Programs
Soft and awesome wake up experiences.
Easily analyze your nights
to improve your sleep.
Additional features
You can do more than you think.
Feel great every morning
Wake up at the right time
refreshed & energized.
Simple. Useful. Affordable.
SleepPeanut simply connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth Smart. Anyone can set it up in seconds and easily use it. The free SensePeanut App shows the dashboard of your SleepPeanut’s activity.
Bluetooth Smart App Store Google Play Store
Tech specs
  • Sleep Measurements
    Time to fall asleep
    Wake up time
    Sleep time
    Sleep cycles
    Sleep performance and efficiency
  • Motion sensor
    Accelerometer with Smart Motion Technology®
  • Speaker
    Piezo (up to 90dB)
  • SensePeanut App
    iOS 9.3.5+ / Android 4.3+
  • Bluetooth
    Bluetooth Smart (Low Energy)
  • Weight
    0.26 oz / 7.5 g
  • Battery
    Lifespan up to 3 months
    CR2032 battery (easily replaceable)
  • Not suitable for children
    Not water-resistant
    Not a medical device
In the box
SleepPeanut (Blue) including battery User guide Multipurpose Peanut holder clip Sticky putty Self-adhesive tape
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SleepPeanut has been awarded the “Most Innovative Product” by the Consumer Electronics Show 2017.