• Sense

The one simple way to:

  • measure water intakes

The universal monitoring solution

Mother is a family of incredibly smart sensors that you can set to monitor whatever you care about.
It is like having tens of devices in just one elegant solution.

Mother & theMotion Cookies

How Mary, Lucas, Tom and Grandma
are living with Mother

Make any household object smart

Easy to use Step 1

Select the monitoring app you want to use

Easy to use Step 2

Place a Mother sensor on the appropriate object

Easy to use Step 3

The sensor will give you all the details about the monitored activity

Easy to use Step 4

You’ll get notifications, reminders or alerts when needed

  • Mother
  • I want to feel better,
    I need to be more active

    I slip a sensor in my pocket to count the steps I take

  • Grandma should not forget to take her medicine

    I stick a sensor on her medicine box to send her reminders

  • I want my baby to always feel warm and cosy

    The sensor on his bedroom wall alerts me if it gets too cold

  • I need to drink more water, it helps me concentrate better

    I affix a sensor to the bottle. It encourages me to drink whenever I forget

  • I want to always wake up rested and energetic

    The sensor on my mattress wakes me up at the perfect moment

  • I want to protect my home from intruders

    I stick a sensor on my front door to receive alerts

  • I feel relieved when I know that my daughter is back home safe

    I attach a sensor to her keys. It notifies me when she arrives at home

  • I want my son to have fun while brushing his teeth

    I attach a sensor to all the family toothbrushes


One device, endless uses

Apps to help you feel better, gain peace of mind, know yourself and your environment, and make life easier. Mother will be able to help you in an increasing number of areas of your daily life. Select the App that meets your current needs and concerns. Mother and its sensors will seamlessly adapt. Not all concerns last a lifetime. Once your problem is solved, simply choose another App. Here are the most popular Apps.

Motion Cookies
the magical Mother Sensors

Mother sensors are called Motion Cookies. Small and slick they can be affixed to almost anything. Using Smart Motion Technology™ they detect and analyze the specific movements of every activity. They can also measure temperature and detect the presence of people or objects at a defined location.

Motion Cookie

Change your mind,
change your needs,
Cookies adapt seamlessly

The chameleon sensor

Our needs constantly change. Some only last a few moments. You no longer need a specialized device to handle each one of your needs. Assign a new use to your Motion Cookie and it will seamlessly adapt to its new task. Start over as often as you feel the need. A single sensor, multiple uses.

More about Motion Cookies

Senseboard news from all around your life

Have a couple of minutes to spare? Flip through the storybook that tells you your own story. Everything you asked Sense Mother to care about is in there. Check out the day’s headlines. Sort out what deserves your attention and what is just normal or routine. Something catches your interest? Just touch it to explore it in full detail.

Be warned… when needed

Stay aware at all times, with useful information delivered through the right channel, at the right time.

  • Push notifications on your smartphone
  • Text messages / SMS*
  • Phone calls* **
  • Sounds and lights on your Sense Mother
  • The Senseriver of everything happening

(*) extra charges apply (**) english voice messages only

Why we made it


    Simply live your life

    The time has come for devices to learn to live with us instead of us learning to live with them. Sensors that understand things without needing to be told. Batteries that last for more than a year. Simple, buttonless devices. Mother and its sensors have been designed to blend into your life and adapt to your behavior without requiring any effort, training or care from you.


    Don’t waste devices

    Stop discarding devices when the service they provide is no longer of any interest to you. We designed sensors that can readapt within a few minutes to meet your current concerns. Uses that last a lifetime or a few hours, for critical or mundane concerns – you can entrust Mother and its Cookies with the task without a second thought, whether or not your need deserves a dedicated device.


    Your life’s puzzle

    Your fitness, health, safety or domestic comfort are not isolated and independent realms of your life. Together they weave the fabric of your days and interact with each other. At a glance and in a single place you can find big and small moments, major and benign concerns, prioritized according to their importance and urgency. At last you can drop the pieces of your life’s puzzle into place.

Easy to install

  1. Connect to your Internet router
  2. Plug to outlet
  3. and Voilà!


  • Control information

    You don’t want Mother or the Cookies to record certain things. Just push the Pause button on the smartphone App or simply remove the related Cookie from its location.

  • Free

    No need to pay a subscription fee to live with your Mother.

  • Only youuuuuuuu

    All data generated by devices you buy is yours, only yours. Period. At any time, you can of course choose to delete all your recorded data.

Mother’s technical details



    6.3in x 3.5in
    160mm x 90mm






    Wired Ethernet connection to your router



    100 to 240 Volts input



    Indoor use only



    iPhone, iPad (iOS 7.1 +)
    Android (4.0 +)
    Windows Phone (8.0+)



    Any computer with a recent version of a major browser



    Powerful API to build innovative Apps and services

Mother works with


What you will get

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