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  • open a door

  • pour water

  • brush your teeth

  • take your medicine

  • lie in your bed

  • water your plants

  • brew a cup of espresso

  • move, handle objects

  • Cookies detect the movements of daily life and make sense of them

Motion Cookies the magical sensors that tune in to your wishes

Motion Cookies are the first essential members of the ever growing Sense Mother family.

They have the power to detect and understand the movements of objects and people. Small and slick, they can be affixed to almost anything.

Feeling and understanding everything that moves

Motion Cookie

Every movement has its signature

Place a Motion Cookie on an object or person. It will capture and analyze its movements. It will recognize the specific actions you want to monitor and transmit them to your chosen Application.

Measuring temperature variations

A thermometer wherever it's useful

Motion Cookies also contain a thermometer. They regularly send the ambient temperature to Mother, as well as sudden abnormal changes.

Signaling presence or absence

Motion Cookie

Know what comes and goes

Cookies constantly signal their presence in the vicinity of a Sense Mother. Tie a Cookie to an object, an animal, or a person, and you will know if it is in Sense Mother's vicinity.

Motion Cookie

Change your mind, change your needs; Cookies seamlessly adapt

The chameleon sensor

Our needs constantly change. Some only last a few moments. You no longer need a specialized device to handle each one of them. Assign a new use to a Motion Cookie and it will seamlessly adapt to its new task. Start over as often as you feel the need. A single sensor, multiple uses.

Knowing, understanding, acting, improving

Apps to help you feel better, gain peace of mind, know yourself and your environment better, and make life easier. Sense Mother will be able to help you in an increasing number of areas of your daily life. Select the App that meets your current needs and concerns. Sense Mother and her Motion Cookies will seamlessly adapt. Not all concerns last a lifetime. Once your problem is solved, simply choose another App. Here are some of the first Apps.


  • 1 year battery life

    We designed the Motion Cookies so that they can blend into your life without needing permanent care. You don't need to charge their batteries every few days: Motion Cookies can live up to more than a year with the same battery when they don't leave home or several months when they are often outside of home.

  • 10 days memory

    Cookies immediately send everything they capture to the nearest Sense Mother. When a Sense Mother is out of reach or the network is down, Motion Cookies can save up to ten days of events. As soon as they are reconnected to a Sense Mother, they upload all the contents of their memory.

Tech specs

  • Size

    1.9in x 0.8in / 50mm x 22mm.
    Thickness 0.15in / 4mm

  • Weight

    0.2 oz.
    6 gr

  • Range

    Cookies are tuned to have the same range as your Wi-Fi network

  • Radio

    915 MHz (North America)
    868 MHz (Europe)

  • Battery

    1 CR2016 replaceable button cell

  • Requirement

    You need to have a Sense Mother

  • Use

    Cookies are not waterproof

  • Safety

    Never give a Motion Cookie to a child

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What's in a Cookie box?

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