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Being active to stay in top shape
Keep track of the number of steps walked and the amount of calories consumed. Maintain or boost the level of activity

Carry a Cookie with you at all times so you can keep track of the number of steps you take during your daily activities - going to work, shopping, going for a walk, hiking and running. You can see all the data on your Senseboard

We will ask you some basic profile type questions so the Walk App can make more accurate calculations on the steps you've taken and calories you've consumed

However, it's most important feature lies in its capacity to encourage you to stay healthy. It will help you to attain and maintain or exceed your exercise goals.

The Cookie will record all your steps when you're not home and all data will be transferred to Mother when you go back home.

  • Detects and registers the number of steps you take every day
  • Your Cookie automatically sends the data registered to your Senseboard via Mother
  • Calculates the distance traveled according to your pace and body type
  • Calculates the amount of calories burnt according to the activity's intensity and your body type
  • Calculates the average amount of time spent exercising
  • Follows your progress and encourages you to reach your goals
  • Can register up to ten consecutive days of intense walking without connecting to your Mother (10+hours/day)
  • Notifications are sent to motivate, increase or maintain your efforts
  • Choose the type of notifications you would like to receive: via Pocket Mother, Email or text message
  • Monitor the evolution of your achievements throughout your time with Mother
  • Check out detailed statistics and tidbits

*If you have subscribed to text message/phone call credits