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Is it warm or cold enough?
Monitor the temperature in all places

Place your Cookie wherever you would like to monitor the temperature; your living room, basement, child's room, even your refrigerator!

Your Cookie will regularly measure the temperature. Current temperatures as well as variations during the day are displayed on your Senseboard

You can choose to receive notifications for all or only selected locations.

Cookies used by the Temperature app can be used simultaneously by another app. For example, the same Cookie can be used to track your teeth brushing as well as the temperature in your bathroom

  • The Temperature App can monitor all your Cookies at once
  • Choose to measure the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Can monitor temperature ranges beteween -18°C to 50°C / 0°F to 122°F
  • Select the Cookies whose temperature you want to monitor 
  • Use the same Cookies to monitor both temperature and movement
  • Set your preferred range of temperature for each Cookie
  • Receive notifications when temperatures are out of the normal ranges
  • Select the Cookies for which you would like to receive notifications
  • Set your notification frequency
  • Choose the type of notifications you would like to receive, via the Pocket Mother App, Email, text message*, phone call*
  • See the temperature details on your Senseboard
  • Quickly notice abnormal temperatures by the color on your Senseboard. Blue: your Cookie is within a normal range of temperature; Orange: the temperature is slightly above or below the desired range; Red: the temperature is far from the normal range. 
  • See the highest and lowest ranges registered for each Cookie

*If you have subscribed to text message/phone call credits