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Track sleep quality
Track sleeping habits and quality of nights. Sleep tight and wake up fresh and rested.

Place a Cookie in your bed. Every night, it will register when you went to bed, how much sleep you had and at what time you got up.

Based on your movements, it will recognize your sleep stages as well as the time at which you both fell asleep and woke up. 

Night after night, during the twelve to eighteen months of its battery life, the Cookie will register your sleeping schedule. You will only need to crawl into bed and sleep as usual.

The App will give a score to each night to summarize the quality of your sleep. This score will make it easier to analyze the evolution of your nights over time.

Knowing your (bad) sleeping habits will enable you to change your routine to ensure a better sleep.

By placing your smartphone on your nightstand, you will be able to use Sleep's alarm features. Two alarm features were designed to help you wake up easily and to have the best of nights. The first one, Soft Wake Up, wakes you up during a light sleep phase a little bit before your alarm. It will be easier to wake up from a light sleep than from a deep sleep phase. Best Sleep Time will automatically set the time at which your alarm will go on to make sure you sleep enough. Lie down and let Best Sleep Time wake you up at the best possible. 

Unlike those two features, Bedtime Call isn't an alarm to wake you up. Using your habits as information, it will remind you when you should go to bed to have a good night sleep.

The detailed graphs on your Senseboard will enable you to check the different phases of your night hour after hour. They will also make it easier to compare your nights as well as to see the shift in sleeping habits and quality between periods of your life or seasons.

You can choose to receive or send a weekly report by email to a third party.

  • Detects your bedtime, wakeup time and the time it took for you to fall asleep
  • Identifies the different sleep stages of your night
  • Gives a sleep quality score for each night
  • You can manually modify your bedtime and wakeup time if you don't agree with the App's automatic detection
  • Use your smartphone with Pocket Mother as a morning alarm
  • Choose between two intelligent wake-up features  (Soft Wake Up and Best Sleep Time features) 
  • Wakes you up at the best possible time to make sure you have a soft wake-up (Soft Wake Up feature)
  • Makes sure you've had the desired amount of sleep before waking you up (Best Sleep Time feature)
  • Notifies you when you should go to bed (Bedtime Call feature)
  • Choose between 16 alarm sounds
  • Set different alarm settings for the week and the weekend 
  • Check the details of your night on your Senseboard
  • Detailed monthly and yearly graphs 
  • Check the detailed evolution of your night
  • Receive a weekly report of your nights by mail or send one to a third party
  • Get the statistics and tidbits of your sleep