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Know who is at home
Keep track of the comings and goings

Give a Cookie to every person living under the same roof. Once equipped with a Cookie, each person can resume their activities normally and Mother will be alerted of their comings and goings based on the reception or loss of the Cookie's signal.  

The Presence app will notify you when they leave or return home. 

The app also provides detailed information on house occupancy that will allow you to better manage the security and heating of your home.

  • Automatically detects the presence or absence of someone carrying a Cookie that was assigned to them
  • Be notified when they leave and/or return
  • Choose the type of notification you would like to receive: smartphone notification (via the Pocket Mother App), Email, text message*, phone call*, or directly by your Mother
  • Know at all times who is home and who is not by checking your Senseboard on your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Provides a detailed weekly schedule of each Cookie owner
  • Calculates the occupancy rate of your home
  • Presence/absence statistics and tidbits
  • Works with one or several Mothers

*If you have subscribed to text message/phone call credits