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Make sure medication is never forgotten
Check if medication is taken on time and trigger automatic reminders 

List all the different medication you have to take and define a schedule. Then, attach a Cookie to each box, bottle or blister pack.

The Cookie will detect the movements of the medicine container on which you placed it. It will record all movements linked to medicine intakes without taking random movements, such as moving the box around, into account.

If no movement or an accidental movement is detected at the moment you're suppose to take your medicine, you will receive a reminder that you forgot to take it.

The Senseboard and weekly reports sent by email will enable you to track the regularity of your intakes.

  • Detects the movements of medicine carton boxes, bottles, pillboxes, and blister packs
  • Does not record accidental movements that don't correspond to an intake
  • Possibility to manually correct the time at which you took your medicine to make the intake detection more precise
  • Sends a notification at the indicated time to remind you to take your medicine (optional)
  • Sends a notification when you still haven't taken your medicine after the end of the specified time slot
  • Adjust the frequency and interval between each reminder 
  • Marks intakes carried out at a different time than the specified time slots as if they were taken during the closest time slot
  • Sends notifications to a third party when you forget to take your medication (optional)
  • Displays all the intakes over a week or month period
  • Possibility to track different medicine intakes even if the schedule linked to each is totally different
  • Choose your favorite notification channels: smartphone notification (via the Pocket Mother App), Email, text message*, phone call*, or directly by your Mother

*If you have subscribed to text message/phone call credits