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Always well hydrated
Keep track of daily water intakes to ensure a good hydration. Get notified when quantities are too low
Select the quantity of water you need to drink every day to stay well hydrated. Attach a Cookie to the container you use: a glass, a bottle, a gourd.

The Cookie will detect the orientation of the container. It will record valid movements and make an estimation of the quantity you drunk.  

If you don't drink enough or not regularly during the day, you will receive reminders to encourage you to drink more water.

The Senseboard and weekly reports sent by email will enable you to track the regularity of your daily water intakes.

  • Detects and registers your drinking throughout the day
  • Estimates the amount of water you have drunk at any time
  • Your Cookie seamlessly sends the data to your Senseboard via Mother  
  • Allows you to set the amount of water you need to drink every day
  • Detection and quantity estimation adapt to the type of container you use 
  • App learns and adapts from your behavior over time. By providing feedback on the results displayed on your Senseboard, you make the App more accurate in detecting your own gestures
  • You can adjust the daily time slot during which you drink water 
  • Notifications are sent to motivate, increase or maintain your efforts depending on the progression of your drinking during the day
  • Choose the type of notifications you would like to receive: via Pocket Mother, Email or text message*
  • Monitor the evolution of your water drinking habits over time. Senseboard displays weekly, monthly and all time historical charts.   
  • Check out detailed statistics and tidbits

*If you have subscribed to text message/phone call credits