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Track the regularity of routines
Track habits and routines, be notified if tasks are missed and monitor behavior variations over time

Place a Cookie on an object that should be used on a regular basis : the fridge’s door, the watering can, the goldfish food container, your home exercise equipment.

Set the time slots of the day, the week or the month when these objects should normally be handled. If no movement is detected during these slots, a notifcation is sent to the user or to a third party.

The detailed graph on the Senseboard helps monitor regularity over time, misses, and deterioration.

This App can be used in a broad variety of circumstances : remotely checking if elderly loved ones living independently are carrying on their daily routines (opening the fridge for breakfast, entering the bathroom, turning on the TV) and receiving notifications if something is amiss ; never forgotting periodic tasks like watering the plants ; or making sure that you stick to your good resolutions to play guitar for two hours every evening.

You can set the minimum handling duration in order to filter accidental and non accurate movements.

  • Detects the movements of everyday objects
  • Does not record accidental movements that don't correspond to the right duration
  • Possibility to configure hourly, daily, weekly or monthly repetition
  • Sends notifications before indicated time (optional)
  • Sends notifications after the end of the specified time slot when nothing has been detected
  • The frequency and interval between each reminder are adjustable
  • Displays the imminent event
  • Displays all the events over a day, a week or month period
  • Possibility to manually validate or correct an event
  • Choose your favorite notification channels: smartphone notification (via the Pocket Mother App), Email, text message*, phone call*, or directly by the Mother

*If you have subscribed to text message/phone call credits