• Sense

The meaning of life

In 2003, we founded Violet based on this vision: all things will be connected. Violet led the way by creating a Wi-Fi rabbit with an unpronounceable name. Its statement: from now on, anything can be connected to the Internet, even rabbits. *

Ten years have passed. Day after day, our 2003 dream is becoming more of a reality. Ten years have passed, but our vision has changed. This is why we created Sen.se. Back then, we thought that the key words were things and connection. Today, we are convinced that the real issues are called life and meaning.

Back to normal life

We dream of a world in which devices disappear and blend into our lives. We no longer want to connect machines: we want to directly connect and enrich life itself with its critical, memorable, and mundane moments.

We imagine a life in which we behave as we always have: go out for a walk, drink a glass of water, put our pajamas on and go to bed, take our medication out of a regular pillbox, brush our teeth with our normal toothbrush, play with our kids and their old plush teddy bear, cook, take care of the garden, walk the dog… all of this without the need to remember to launch an App, plug a device in, push a button, charge a battery or make silly gestures to make ourselves understood by a machine. Real-life, ordinary and spontaneous actions as sole interactions.

We are designing a world in which daily life can be continuously enhanced by the extra knowledge, comfort, fun, and security that sensors can bring, but in which devices make the effort to understand us and have the courtesy to remain discreet.

Connecting objects is something well known since ten years. Connecting life is the real challenge.

Beyond connectivity, knowledge

A device doesn’t become smart just because it is hooked to the Internet. It can just be something like a parrot that remotely repeats what it hears, and then forgets everything. Smartness emerges from the ability to watch, memorize, analyze, find patterns, learn, and continuously readapt.

A world of Internet-connected remote controls that toe the line is not enough. We want machines that bring us more knowledge, more meaning, more smartness. We are designing systems that let us learn things we didn’t know, that take care of tasks we don’t want to do or that we do badly, that provide the patience, reliability, and meticulousness that we lack.

Ten years ago, we wanted to connect all things. Today, we are prepared for the adventure of the next ten years. Our motto says it all. The name of the game is going to be: the meaning of life. Even if this is life is with a small l, it would be a lot.