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What we do: sensing & making sense's mission: develop really smart systems allowing the creation of new services in all areas of everyday life. Intelligence can only emerge from the ongoing analysis of large amounts of data over long periods of time. This is why is built on two essential fields of expertise: data collection know-how and data analysis know-how.

Sensing designs, develops, and manufactures devices that make data collection abundant, fluid, and accurate over long periods of time.

Designing such devices is a real challenge. All sorts of pitfalls must be overcome: short battery life is a major cause of desertion; user motivation erodes after the initial phase of discovery; binary or poor data doesn't allow accurate analysis; complexity of use requires continuous user intervention...

We have been working for three years to solve all these interrelated problems and come up with affordable devices that can blend into users' lives without requiring any attention, send sufficiently verbose chunks of data, and still live for up to a year without battery issues.

Making sense built an infrastructure to continuously collect data sent by connected devices. This platform was designed to receive and store large volumes of information in real time. But above all, our platform processes the incoming data, interprets it on the fly, then continuously analyzes historical data in order to provide the end user with more and more smart services.